Non Injury Falls Team Initiative (NIFTI)

We recognise the need to give support to our clients for whom a hospital admission is neither desired, necessary, or in their best interest. As our domiciliary team has gradually expanded in numbers, skills and expertise, a dedicated management team has evolved, creating our own hospital avoidance team.

During the initial lock down of the 2020 pandemic, Christchurch Care managers consulted to create an expert “first response” team for our service users. The purpose was to risk assess and report to health professionals, aiming to reduce health professional community visits and therefore reduce community cross infection.

A Raizer Chair, portable moving and handling equipment, was purchased. This enabled independently mobile service users who had fallen to be safely restored to a sitting position until they felt able to mobilise. A robust screening tool was created in line with Restore 2 observations, encompassing pain and neurological observations and FAST assessments.

Whilst our NIFTI evolved as a result of our best intentions to reduce cross infection, the team are very successful and now has a trademarked business model in place.

Our Non Injury Falls Team Initiative is dedicated to helping you, families and care homes.

Statement of Staff Skills

The NIFTI team work in pairs at all times. Each pair has a range of skills set out below and has undertaken a 3 day first aid course and Restore 2 observations.

Our NIFTI also includes:
  • Registered Nurses
  • Moving and Handling trainers
  • Occupational Therapy students
  • Student Nurses
  • Level 3, 4 and 5 Health and Social Care Diplomas

Moving and Handling Equipment

Our Raizer Chairs are regularly inspected and maintained in line with the manufacturer guidance and manual handling operations. All staff receive training in moving and handling and specific usage of the Raizer Chairs. The portable battery packs can be recharge at the clients’ properties and via staff vehicle.

Risk Assessments, Protocols, Reporting and Follow Up from NIFTI call outs

Each client is assessed in situ to establish an antecedent to the fall, medical history, mobility. The current health status is also asssessed including skeletal and tissue survey. A set of observations is recorded in line with Restore 2. In order for the client to be moved, they must be pain free and able to roll from side to side on the floor. The Raizer chair paddles are inserted whilst the client is supported by two staff to roll from side to side. Once the raizer chair has elevated the individual to an upright sitting position, the individual is encouraged to remain seated whilst postural hypotension is reconciled. A further set of observations is recorded in line with Restore 2. The individual is then supported to a comfortable chair and offered help with continence and a drink or snack of choice.

Reporting and recording accidents

If the service user does not meet our risk assessments, we will send for urgent medical aid and remain with the individual until help arrives.

We will ask the individual for consent to inform their next of kin and the GP practice will receive a copy of our report.

A follow up welfare call is made later in the day or following day, as appropriate.

Contacting the NIFTI

You can either phone our offices: 01202 496516 or email us: for further information. Non-Christchurch Care clients pay a monthly subscription to our services and complete a basic self- assessment of medical status, property entry details, important wishes and next of kin details.

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